Friday, October 26, 2018

Kansas Bridges, A collection of old Bridges in South East Kansas

Photographs of Kansas Bridges

My Collection of  Photographs of  Some
of the many old Bridges Located in South Central Kansas

As I travel around this beautiful State of Kansas 
I am always on the look out for old bridges
I really love the stone arch bridges that are scatted around the State

I have noticed the state has started to identify these old bridges 
with signs on the main road ways.

There are several located in Cowley County 
the signs are small signs that read stone arched bridge with an arrow 
pointing in the direction to the bridge.

There is a sign on K-15 South of Dexter, and then another one on highway 160
just East of Winfield Kansas.

I drove to that one a couple of months ago, there was so many weeds growing around it I was 

unable to get any pictures.

I hope you enjoy the bridges 

you can purchase any of these pictures HERE

Thank you for looking

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