Monday, October 1, 2018

Tulsa Air and Space Museum Tulsa Oklahoma.

Tulsa Air and Space Museum 
Tulsa Oklahoma

Finally made the  drive to Tulsa
to visit the Tulsa Air and Space Museum

The Vintage World War two B-29 Bomber "FiFi"
was on display along with several other 
Vintage War planes.

FiFi One of only two Boeing B-29 
that fly
With Doc The Wichita Kansas Based 
fully restored B-29.

The massive Bomb bay's this bomber
has two separate bomb bays

This day there were other vintage aircraft on display

After checking out the aircraft on the run way 
we went into the museum 

Where there were numinous aircraft and space vehicles

The most impressive airplane was
the F-15 Fighter 
this thing was massive in size 

This is looking into the exhaust of the F-15

There are numerous other vintage airplanes on display
inside the building

There is a robot arm that was used on the space shuttle
that people could operate.

I enjoyed the F-15 and the B-29
my grandson is a bit more modern
and he freaked out seeing the MD 80 
That greets visitors as the arrive in the parking lot.

Hope you all enjoyed our visit to Tulsa 
let me know in the comments 
your favorite   part

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