Monday, October 8, 2018

Elgin Kansas Revisited, a Kansas Ghost town

Elgin Ks.

I live about 15 miles from Elgin 
and every now and then I will take a drive down there
it's a fascinating little town,
 back in the 1800's  Elgin was the main Rail Head for cattle shipments to the North.

Cowboys would drive their cows up from Texas and Oklahoma to Elgin.

Those days are long gone,Now Elgin it just  shell of a town,
downtown lays in ruins, with all of the old brick buildings in total decay.

One of The only building standing

Id the old Elgin State Bank Building

the walls are still intact but the roof has long disappeared

It was a grand old building back in it's day
Wonder how many dollars passed thru it.

Inside the bank there sits this old safe
It appears to be original to the

Traveling west out of Elgin, following the Caney river 
you will come to the Bee Creek Bridge
The railroad used the bridge to span the the small Bee Creek
Bee Creek only runs after a good rain and it dumps into the Caney River.

Stone Arched Bridge Elgin Kansas.

While we were there my grandson decided to see if he could 
jump across the water 

Stone Arched Bridge Elgin Kansas.

Stone Arched Bridge Elgin Kansas.

Railroad Bridge over Bee Creek

So the next time you want to take a road trip 
come visit Elgin Kansas 

Located South and West Of Sedan Kansas.
it's worth the drive.


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