Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Abandon buildings,Peru Kansas, Midland Brick Factory,Kansas History

Midland Brick company

Midland Brick Company Peru Kansas

 This gem is East of Peru Kansas 
One  can see a very small portion
of this great plant from hwy 166 
it is private property
with no trespassing
I know the owner and obtained permission 

Located in Chicago Ill. the Sprawling Field Museum 
Should be of particular interest to Residents of Peru Kansas
and the people of Chautauqua County.

The exhibit is a roofing tile. The descriptive card is inscribed
"The finest Tile in the world.
Made in Peru Kansas.

The factory is nothing but a bunch of old brick structures
 that have fallen into total dis-repair over the years.

There are trees growing taller up thru that are
 taller than the  building themselves 

It all started around 1904 when oil was discovered 
resulting and major oils boom.
according  then postmaster Helena Anderson

Around 1905 an Eastern developer Started the brick and Tile Plant

There was a time in the early years the streets in town of Peru were
paved in brick, from the plant.

Sometime in the early 1920's, 
Spanish -Mission type architecture became popular.

A company out of Chicago bought the 
plant and made nothing but roofing tile to meet the growing demand.

There were more than 400 people working at the plant at one time 

Today the population is less than 120 people.

Mrs.Anderson continues"Then tastes began to change.
The tile roofed Spanish -Mission architecture went out of style and about 
1930 the company closed it's doors turn off the kilns and moved all of the equipment 
to another plant in Coffeyville, Kansas.

Ownership changed hands in 1945 

when the Joslin's purchased the property

My Camera of choice is the Cannon 60D Dslr
I have owned this camera since 2011 
have not had bit of trouble with it and 
I would  highly recommend it

  This is a bridge that spans a man made canal 

The old smoke stack
Peru Brick factory

As I walked thru this property and witness the vast 
size of these building made me wish 
That I could turn back the clock
and see this as it was, not as it is.

this is truly a lost piece of South Kansas History. 

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