Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Great Granddaughter Makes her own Birthday Cake

My wife loves to teach her grand children how to bake and make things in the kitchen.
She has taught almost everyone of our grand kids and great grand kids how to bake.

Our 7 year old wanted to make her own birthday cake so here is a short video of her doing just that.

Hope you enjoy it as much as my wife does
and thank you for watching

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Hollow Park Sedan Kansas, Travel Kansas

The Hollow Park located just off main Street in Sedan Kansas.
Take a few minutes and see the beauty of this great park.

What will you find at the Hollow?
You will see the St. Charles School House

I use the Canon 60D DSLR Camera

The boardwalk will lead you down the path to the waterfalls

Nad if you happen to luck enough to be there after a big rain you will see
the waterfalls in their full glory
if not then this is what you will see


The gazebo has been the center of attention for many years

but a few years ago some kids decided to tear it down
but as always the town rallied and rebuilt it 
even better than before.

There are benches to set on 

Stone pathways to follow

the bridge going across the highway
is a stone ached bridge one of many located thru out South Central Kansas

So the next time you are traveling
East on Highway 166 or South on Highway 99
plan on stopping and visit this beautiful Park
No matter what time of the year The Hollow Park located in Sedan Kansas
will be waiting for you.

Monday, November 19, 2018

The Final Ride Home Private First Class Jacob Ryan Casebolt Returns home for the last time

The Final Ride Home

 Private First Class Jacob Ryan Casebolt Returns home for the last time

The Final Ride Home Private First Class Jacob Ryan Casebolt Returns home for the last time

The United States Army reports the Private First Class Jacob Casebolt
was killed in Humvee Roll over
Nov.8 2018 While stationed at Fort Hood TX.
Private Casebolt was a Sedan High school graduate of 2016.

He returned home for the final time Saturday Nov. 17, 
he was honored with a Police Escort to the the Sedan Kansas High School.

then was escorted to Caney Kansas to his final resting place.
He was buried with full military honors.  

Friday, October 26, 2018

Kansas Bridges, A collection of old Bridges in South East Kansas

Photographs of Kansas Bridges

My Collection of  Photographs of  Some
of the many old Bridges Located in South Central Kansas

As I travel around this beautiful State of Kansas 
I am always on the look out for old bridges
I really love the stone arch bridges that are scatted around the State

I have noticed the state has started to identify these old bridges 
with signs on the main road ways.

There are several located in Cowley County 
the signs are small signs that read stone arched bridge with an arrow 
pointing in the direction to the bridge.

There is a sign on K-15 South of Dexter, and then another one on highway 160
just East of Winfield Kansas.

I drove to that one a couple of months ago, there was so many weeds growing around it I was 

unable to get any pictures.

I hope you enjoy the bridges 

you can purchase any of these pictures HERE

Thank you for looking

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Have you seen the giant turtle in Winfield?

My wife has been telling me about this giant turtle that lives in Winfield Ks.

She said it was made from natural stone
and that it was huge.
So the last time we were in Winfield, my wife directed me to the turtle

we were on our way to Mulvane to take our grandson home
so it was a treat for him to see it.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Elgin Kansas Revisited, a Kansas Ghost town

Elgin Ks.

I live about 15 miles from Elgin 
and every now and then I will take a drive down there
it's a fascinating little town,
 back in the 1800's  Elgin was the main Rail Head for cattle shipments to the North.

Cowboys would drive their cows up from Texas and Oklahoma to Elgin.

Those days are long gone,Now Elgin it just  shell of a town,
downtown lays in ruins, with all of the old brick buildings in total decay.

One of The only building standing

Id the old Elgin State Bank Building

the walls are still intact but the roof has long disappeared

It was a grand old building back in it's day
Wonder how many dollars passed thru it.

Inside the bank there sits this old safe
It appears to be original to the

Traveling west out of Elgin, following the Caney river 
you will come to the Bee Creek Bridge
The railroad used the bridge to span the the small Bee Creek
Bee Creek only runs after a good rain and it dumps into the Caney River.

Stone Arched Bridge Elgin Kansas.

While we were there my grandson decided to see if he could 
jump across the water 

Stone Arched Bridge Elgin Kansas.

Stone Arched Bridge Elgin Kansas.

Railroad Bridge over Bee Creek

So the next time you want to take a road trip 
come visit Elgin Kansas 

Located South and West Of Sedan Kansas.
it's worth the drive.