Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Stone houses abandoned in South East Kansas

Living in Sedan Kansas give me the unique opportunity to travel the back roads  of Chautauqua county, and surroundings counties looking for old stone houses that have long been abandon and forgotten.

Most of these old stone structures once was a families home, I can't imagine the toil and hard labor one had to endure to construct and maintain these stone houses.


This one sets on a small hill over looking the dirt road below.
there are open meadows to the East across the rd.
while I was there, the whitetail deer were grazing in a pasture several hundred yards from me.

Hi up on the hill this old two story stone house 
is crumbling to the ground. 

The old house looks like it was a small mansion in it's time

there were 2 stories and huge well sets in the yard next to the house

Probably hand dug 

The root cellar was huge, constructed like a half dome
everyone of these rocks were hand picked and hand laid to form 
the cellar Look how huge it was.

these cellars served several purposes, protection from the wicked 
Kansas weather, and a place to keep the canned food from the garden.

I am not sure how the people accessed  this house as it sets on a small hill
with no access road leading to the house.

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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Battle at the Brick Factory,Peru Kansas Nov.22 2019 Sponsored by the WWII Reenacting Corps

Battle at the Brick Factory,Peru Kansas Nov.22 2019 Sponsored by the WWII Reenacting Corps. Allied troops along with German troops gathered at the old Peru Kansas Brick Factory for a day of battle reenactment. People started arriving Saturday Evening , getting checked in and setting up camp. This event is Sponsored by the WWII Reenacting Corps, They come to for a day of fun, and to renew old friendships. People travel a great distance to participate in these events. And As one can see they take it pretty seriously, The uniforms, and all of the gear is period correct. The Battle reenactment takes place at the old Brick factory located at Peru Kansas. The German soldiers have the task of defending the bombed out town while the allied troops try to take control. The weapons these guys use are real, the ammunition used are blanks. You can see more photographs of the old brick factory here https://photographkansas.blogspot .this is video one of several more so Please subscribe and Like my channel so you won't miss the next video's.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Peru XVI:Battle in the Brickyard WWII Reenacting Corps.

Peru XVI:Battle in the Brickyard 

WWII Reenacting Corps

Reliving History
one Battle at a time

The Brick Factory located on Highway 160
Peru Kansas 
is the Ideal Setting 
for a WWII Reenactment 

I arrived just as the solders 
were taking a lunch break
so I wondered around taking pictures
and talking to some of the guys

What impressed me most
 was the period correct uniforms
and Battle gear.

All of the players from the actual war 
were represented,
There were troops dressed as Germans
British, French, American, and other allied troops. 

German Motorcycle with side car

As in the real conflict all ages are 
represented from young to old 
they all had a part. 

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