Monday, July 8, 2019

The Ben Johnson Cowboy Museum Pawhuska, Oklahoma

The Ben Johnson Cowboy Museum Pawhuska, Oklahoma 

The Ben Johnson Memorial Museum 
celebrated their Grand Opening yesterday. 06-13-2019
Although we didn't make the opening ceremony
it was a good time.

There is a lot of old west history on display
they have everything displayed very nicely.

There is wonderful collection 
of Western Art including
Numerous bronze Statues 

A small collection 
of vintage Winchester Rifles

Displays honoring 
Prominent Lawmen
of Osage County

This collection of cowboy hats represent 
4 generations of Osage county Ranchers

This is what a ranch chuck wagon
probably looked like on the cattle Drive

A collection of Saddles from 
Prominent Cattle Ranchers of Osage county

A small display about the still
unsolved Mullendore Murder from 1970
This display has  a personal item that 
Belonged to Chub Anderson the primary
Suspect in the unsolved Murder Case  

The original food truck
 The chuck wagon

Life size bust of Ben Johnsom

Doors from a Prison in the Oklahoma Territory 

The next time you visit Pawhuska Ok.
sure to drop in tell them howdy
When you Leave Pawhuska
be sure to head North and Drive trhu the
Tall Grass Prairie Preserve
where you will see Large herds of free roaming Buffalo  

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