Thursday, November 29, 2018

Hollow Park Sedan Kansas, Travel Kansas

The Hollow Park located just off main Street in Sedan Kansas.
Take a few minutes and see the beauty of this great park.

What will you find at the Hollow?
You will see the St. Charles School House

I use the Canon 60D DSLR Camera

The boardwalk will lead you down the path to the waterfalls

Nad if you happen to luck enough to be there after a big rain you will see
the waterfalls in their full glory
if not then this is what you will see


The gazebo has been the center of attention for many years

but a few years ago some kids decided to tear it down
but as always the town rallied and rebuilt it 
even better than before.

There are benches to set on 

Stone pathways to follow

the bridge going across the highway
is a stone ached bridge one of many located thru out South Central Kansas

So the next time you are traveling
East on Highway 166 or South on Highway 99
plan on stopping and visit this beautiful Park
No matter what time of the year The Hollow Park located in Sedan Kansas
will be waiting for you.

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