Monday, June 25, 2018

The Kansas Flint Hills Long lost memories of a time gone by

My travels thought the Flint Hills of South East Kansas.

We traveled to Wichita Ks. Friday June 22 to pick up the much needed new wall oven
We Live in the heart of the Flint Hills, in the quiet little town of Sedan Kansas,
This trip to Wichita took us up Highway 99 to Hwy 400, we  touch the north side of Moline Ks.
then thru the small town of Howard Ks., Continuing North on 99 heading towards hwy 400 we came upon this old stone house located about 3 miles south  of Hwy 400 on 99

One has to wonder what stories lie inside the walls of these old houses

this one has long since been abandoned 
and now the property is a cattle lot.

the grass has been cut, probably going to get baled up into hay for winter feed.

We walked around the old house 
It was very interesting to look at.

these old stone houses will stand the test of time 
this one the roof is going bad and has a lot of holes in it so it won't be long before 
the roof is totally gone 

You can purchase prints of this old house

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