Thursday, June 21, 2018

Red Buffalo Ranch Sedan Ks.

The Red Buffalo Ranch, Sedan Kansas.

I am good friends with Mary Kurtis, Daughter of Bill Kurtis, owner of the Red Buffalo Ranch, Located West of Sedan Kansas.

Mary owns and operates the Red Buffalo Gift shop in Sedan, located on the corner of Main and Chautauqua Street.

I was visiting with Mary one day and mention i would like to go to the ranch and photograph Some Buffalo, well it so happened the ranch hand Shane, who is the cowboy  in charge of the buffalo was in the store, so we arraigned
to meet up and see the Buffalo, that was last year, life got in the way and I didn't make it.

Now fast forward a year and here I am right in the middle of a herd of Buffalo. how cool is that?

We meet up on county road 12 Friday morning,

I followed Shane to the curve in road where I parked my truck and got in his truck to continue on.

We drove about another mile to the gate,

after entering the massive pasture we continued on about a mile into the heart of the Flint hills.

Shane would stop and show me the different typed of grass that lives on the prairie. We continued on until we were on top of the hill over looking the lush green  pastures.
Shane said now look over there across the valley to the other hill side and there they were.
A heard of around  60 free range Buffalo.

 All of the Ranchers have a unique way of herding animals; Shane started honking the horn 
on his Ford Super Duty 3500, after a couple of minutes the buffalo started moving  they started bunching up and running towards us, the small dots started to get bigger and bigger until
they were standing all around the truck.

Before we found the Buffalo Shane laid down three bags of Pellets in a long row, he said they can smell the pellets, and sure enough they followed the truck back to the area where the pellets were,
thats were it became interesting they almost stampeded to get their share of pellets.

This is what a raging herd of Buffalo looks like

 All in all we spent around three hours with the buffalo.

Shane was a great tour guide, after we left the pasture he drove around the entire property which consists of around 3000 acres.

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