Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Elgin Ks, the Ghost town

Elgin Ks. Chautauqua County Ks.

the ghost that refuses to die/

Once a thriving community that was
a rail head for the cattle drives coming up
from Texas and Oklahoma, is now the small south east Kansas
town located on the Kansas, Oklahoma border
and boosts a population of some 87 people.

Driving 8 miles west of Highway 99 South 
on cr11.

Grandson was here to visit for Xmas 
and wanted to see some local sites,
So we headed to Elgin.

First Stop was the Old Bank building 
that has long been abandoned 

The building is pretty much intact with the exception
of the roof, which has collapsed from years of neglect  

The front door is gone 
so we helped ourselves and went inside.

There we found Nothing.
The old Safe is still there 


There is not much left of Downtown Elgin

once the gem of South East Kansas
is now just a bunch of old building that have been neglected 
to the point of no return

Elgin Kansas

These photo's were taken a couple of years ago
the only thing that has changed?
they have fallen into worst repair.

Elgin Kansas 
The roof has completely collapsed on this building
Looks like it  was once some kind of second hand store
as there are pieces of clothing laying about.

this one was a lodge building for the Masons

Don't know the story on this

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