Saturday, December 30, 2017

Bois D’arc Bridge Butler County Ks. Bois D’arc Settlement

                                 Good afternoon Butler County! Many of you have noticed that the
                                                                         Bois D’arc Bridge

which spans the Little Walnut River on SW 157th St. has recently been closed due to concerns about structural safety. We thought it would be fun to share with you some information and history about the bridge. The bridge is located approximately 10 miles driving distance south and east of Augusta and was built in 1885, currently 132 years old. The main span of the bridge is a 100 foot long Pratt type high steel/wrought iron truss structure that is 14 feet wide. The bridge structure itself, as well as the importance of the bridge at the time it was constructed, has brought about the bridge being placed on the State Register of Historical Places. This bridge was built the same year that the first production gasoline powered automobile was built by Benz in Germany. The first gasoline powered production automobile built in the United States occurred 8 years later in 1893. The first mass produced gasoline powered automobile was the Ford Model A which was first built in 1903. Stay tuned for more interesting facts and details about the Bois D’arc Bridge.The above text was borrowed from the official Butler County Facebook page.

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