Thursday, August 3, 2017

Island Park of South central Kansas's Hidden Gems

Island Park 
Winfield Kansas

The Hidden gem located in the Foothills of the Flint hills

I remember Island Park from my child hood

My family lived in Winfield 50's
and Every summer We had family reunions in this park

It looks a bit different now,

The Citizens and the city of Winfield have taken great
pride in making this a destination Park.

  Recently added is this wonderful play area for
Kids of all ages.

Several Years ago Somebody set fire to the playground that was in place,
burning it to the ground.
Well the fine Citizens of Winfield and the City Joined forces
and up from the ashes this wonderful new playground arose

It's completely kid friendly, with all kinds of
things to climb on, slide down,hang on to,
there are cows, and Pigs,

 and Pigs,

the entire surface of the play ground is made from a material 
that I don't know what is 
but is is soft to walk on and even softer if you should 
happen to fall down.

The Park is Beautiful the lawns are keep up,
there are numinous flower gardens

The building that houses the restrooms 
are decorated in fine fashion

So if you are ever in the neighborhood
Be sure to visit Island Park

Oh I forgot the reason it's called Island Park?
that is because it is an Island !!!
it has water surrounding it 
must drive across the bridge to enter

There are two bridges one is a walking bridge 

Come to Winfield 

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