Saturday, June 3, 2017

He just couldn't believe what he was seeing.

A few Years Back our son-in-law had just moved to Kansas From North Carolina.
He kept bugging me to take a road trip thru the Flint Hills going thru the central to eastern part of Our wonderful State.

So One day we finally headed out out, We drove from Wichita to Eldorado Kansas where we were going to take Highway 177 North Out of Eldorado.

Our first stop was the Oil field Museum Located on East Central in Eldorado.

The Museum was closed the day we were there we Headed East out of Eldorado to Highway 177 North.

Drove past the Eldorado Lake and it was I could do to keep Paul in the truck, he want to go fishing.
Good thing we didn't have any poles or we would have probably spent the day there.

We drove up to Cassidy Kansas that is where it started to get interesting

Went Thru the little town of Matt Field Green


Next stop Cottonwood Falls for Breakfast
We stopped in a family cafe across the street from the Court House

As we ate breakfast there were several Locals setting in the Cafe 
talking About Obama (this was right after he was elected the first time)
Couldn't help but laugh about what they were saying about him
they thought hew was going to be better than butter on toast.

As we drove thru  on the North side of town is the Cottonwood river 
and the falls.

Just North of Cottonwood Falls sets this 
wonderful old Ranch, it looked deserted at the time 
But i Bet it was something to behold in it's Day.

On to Strong City 
Where they Hold a big Rodeo Every year

This the old Railroad Depot in Strong City

Some where between Cottonwood Falls And Strong City 
you will find the Tall Grass Prairie National Preserve 
I am not sure if this is working ranch 
but either way this is something everyone should see at least once.

Don't know why But I don't have and pictures of the outside of the house 

Here is the staircase inside the house 

From here we traveled North to Council Grove 
had lunch t
then headed east on Highway 56
and then south to Wolf Creek Power Plant 
and then headed back to Wichita.

Here are some random photo's I took on the way home.

Hope you enjoyed our road trip.

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