Monday, November 25, 2019

Peru XVI:Battle in the Brickyard WWII Reenacting Corps.

Peru XVI:Battle in the Brickyard 

WWII Reenacting Corps

Reliving History
one Battle at a time

The Brick Factory located on Highway 160
Peru Kansas 
is the Ideal Setting 
for a WWII Reenactment 

I arrived just as the solders 
were taking a lunch break
so I wondered around taking pictures
and talking to some of the guys

What impressed me most
 was the period correct uniforms
and Battle gear.

All of the players from the actual war 
were represented,
There were troops dressed as Germans
British, French, American, and other allied troops. 

German Motorcycle with side car

As in the real conflict all ages are 
represented from young to old 
they all had a part. 

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