Monday, August 20, 2018

Playing the Guitar Gifted Granddaughter Teaches herself to play the guitar.

My wife and I have been blessed with 19 grand kids And numerous great grand kids.

Each and everyone of them are special and have talents that only god could have given them.

I won't go into to all of that today.
I want to brag on one of the girls Several years ago she set out to learn how to play the guitar.

Now bear in mind her and her brother and sister were members of the Campus High school band.

They all have the music gene in them, I guess their great grandma Russel give it to them.

Her brother Plays drums And her sister plays a variety of musical instruments.
Her sister can set at the piano and play pretty much anything by ear.

One day while she was visiting us she brought her guitar that she received for Christmas or her birthday, don't remember which. She at down and started playing this was several years ago.

Anyway here is the first song the she played  for us.

Now music comes easy to these kids, Not so much for a lot of people

There are plenty of on line course to teach Music the one found to be really helpful
and they offer a five day course for free is Guitar Ninja

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