Monday, March 12, 2018

Traveling thru South East Ks.Photographs of a abandon House

Traveling thru South East Ks.Photographs of a abandon House

They are everywhere
you can't drive any major highway in South East Kansas and not see 
abandoned farm steads and old houses and barns.

Most are still standing on all four corners.
Some are not so lucky as time has taken it's toll on the old Buildings

This one sets on K-15 just North of the Highway Junction of west 166 and K-15 
in Cowley County Kansas.

We travel this route on our trips to Wichita,
I have drove past this homestead for many years and have watched it 
slowly fall to the ground.

this is the front of the house, doesn't look to bad does it?

Maybe a new roof and some siding, a little paint on the inside 
and I think it might be live-able again.

Then we walk around to the back!!!!!

And think maybe not!

the whole back side of the building has collapsed
it won't be long before the earth reclaims what is his.

Looking inside the window I see what is left of some old bed springs

Probably untold amount of small critters that have taken up
residents in this old house.

the floor is just about gone
 there are gaping holes in the floor 
which gives you a view in to the cellar 

as i was walking around the grounds I spotted 
this old shoe laying there looks like it has been there for a long time.

Far from the house stands the out house, so I am thinking
the occupants of this  

 farm didn't have indoor plumbing 

there stands an old shed/barn that looks like it's being used to keep hay.

Then there is the Barn, which is just about to fall to the ground

this was once a great old barn but I have watched it thru the years slowing 
being absorbed by mother nature.

Here are few more photo's of the old house 

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