Monday, March 27, 2017

Teter Hill Eureka, KS

TeterVille Kansas,

Founded in the 1920's by Mr. James Teter
Teteville was once a Oil boom town Located in the Kansas Flint Hills.

Mr. Teter erected the rocks as land mark .
as the town grew the rocks were used in construction of 
building. the Boom town died out as the oil stop flowing 
now all that is left , a couple of old building foundations
and oil field scrap.

In 1954 a group of people erected
 the rocks that now stand there as tribute to
James Teter

This is the view looking South of Teter Rock
You can see for miles and Miles and Miles

You can't see them in photo's as they were off in the distance.
the Flinthills Plays host to thousands of Wild mustangs
that roam freely across this vast Kansas grassland

Teter Rock Stands all most 16' tall
It was cold and very windy while we were there

I must return and do a series of Sunset or sunrise Photo's

 If you are looking for a great day adventure 
then grab your camera and take lunch 
Teter Hill is close to all points in Central kansas.

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